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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens for a meeting in the online format?

For each meeting, all of the local charities nominated by our members (by way of written submission) will be placed in a hat, with 3 charities being drawn (video of draw). Each committed Care Member will receive the 3 written presentations and a link to their voting ballot by email. Voting is open until the next evening with a chosen charity being declared by majority vote. Each Care Member sends in their contribution of $100 (or more) by e-transfer to us at for the chosen charity. 100% of each member's donation goes to the selected charity and remains in Chatham-Kent.  This results in a group donation of potentially $10,000 (or more) by a group of 100 (or more) like-minded caring women.
A record of all of our donations to local charitable programs can be found by clicking on the "Local Impact" tab.
**Only committed members of 100+ Women Who Care Chatham-Kent can nominate and vote**

2. Do I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. Each individual Care Member who has given a donation (cheque, cash, or e-transfer) will receive a charitable tax receipt from the registered charity (or non-profit's sponsor). 

3. What is my commitment, exactly? 

This group is especially meant for Chatham-Kent women with big hearts, but limited time. We ask that you commit to be involved in the nomination and voting process during our 4 charity selection months: February, May, August and November; to ensure your contribution of $100 is included to each of the four winning Chatham-Kent charities; and to encourage other like-minded women to join us. In short, only about 2 hours and $400 per year! 

4. How do I become a member?

Please complete your Commitment Form online. The online Registration & Commitment Form is available here. Quick and easy! 

5. Am I able to join at anytime throughout the year?

Yes - we accept new Care Members at anytime - your 4-time commitment will begin with the first quarterly meeting you are a part of the voting process for.

6. How do I nominate a charity?

Nomination Forms are available under the Nominate tab.  Please remember you must be a committed member
of 100+ Women Who Care to nominate a Chatham-Kent charity or non-profit and nominations must be received by the Monday prior to any draw date (last Wednesday of the meeting month).

8. As a member of 100+ Women Who Care Chatham-Kent, do I have to nominate a charity?

All Care Members have the opportunity and are strongly encouraged to nominate a deserving local charity they feel needs our financial support; however, for the Chatham-Kent Chapter, this is optional - you do not have to nominate a charity.

9. Is any charity available for nomination?

Yes - the only criteria is that the charitable organization (or their sponsor) be registered and must serve the Chatham-Kent community. The core intent of 100+ Women Who Care is to assist those in immediate financial need locally.

10. How often can a charity be selected to receive our group donation?

Once a charity is selected to receive our donation, they will be able to be nominated again in 2 years.

11. What if someone else has nominated the same local charity?

Great! The odds of that charity being selected are increased and what a great way to network! Please keep in mind that we will always hear from 3 different local charities for each quarter and the Care Member that is first drawn will be the written presentation forwarded to members.

12. Can a Care Member nominate more than one Chatham-Kent charity or non-profit in need?

Yes! What a caring heart you have! The Nomination Form is quick and easy to fill out and is available here...good luck!

13. What happens after my 4-time commitment is completed?

Our hope for our local community is that you will continue on as a proud member of 100+ Women Who Care Chatham-Kent.  Please contact us if you will not be continuing as a Care Member. 

14. Are there other 100 Care chapters in Chatham-Kent?

Yes! 100+ Men Who Care Chatham-Kent started in July 2018 - please visit their website for more information.  There are many families involved in both chapters :)

15. Have a question? Please contact us at

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